You have arrived at the website of Carolyn Sommers, the name under which I create with abandon!

I am known as a joyous, introspective creative and gifted artist of the most unique kind of art, Soul Glyphs™.

Although initially this site was to be all about encaustic art, in May 2019, I began once again to offer my beloved Soul Glyphs™; and then there is poetry, complete poems and excerpted sections from complete poems, the latter matted and for sale, a Blog, and Events.

Thank you for coming along on this journey as all of my art grows and changes – and as so, too, do I!

And thanks, too, for your interest in encaustic, the ancient way of painting with hot pigmented wax (a combination of beeswax and damar resin, a hardener for the wax) dating back to the early Greeks and the Fayum mummy portraits.  I will be back playing in encaustic, hopefully next year, as I become a creating whirling dervish!

See you soon!