About Me

Hi!  I am Carolyn Sommers, a/k/a Carolyn Heizer.  As Sommers, I am the maverick, “I’ll-try-almost-anything-once” artist/poet and vibrant, ubiquitous creative; as Heizer, my legal name, I am the “let’s-make-a-chart” logical/linear brains of the business.  It is a great combination and serves me well!

Over the years I have been a social worker, owner of a wallpaper/painting business, energy healer, legal litigation secretary, bookkeeper, workshop/retreat developer and facilitator, poet, writer, public speaker, and best of all, an artist.  I am self-taught in most everything I have ever done in my life, including all of my art.

Whenever I decide to do something, particularly something that involves using my hands, it never occurs to me I can’t do it.  In my earlier years, I often did home repairs, always sure that if I could take it apart, I could figure out what wasn’t working and fix it.

In the midst of it all, for over 40 years I have followed an introspective and spiritual path, with a belief in the extraordinary power of Divine Love to help heal the past and create a new life.  

A large part of that path has been my channeled art that spontaneously appeared in my life in 1986 and came to be known as the art of Soul Glyphs™, a unique and extraordinary tool for personal transformation, but unlimited in its practical uses and applications.

Although I have periodically taken respites from the art, in 2019, I am joyously reviving it – at a time in the world when it is greatly needed to help us each move forward in a healed and loving way.

And, given my creative nature, in 2015 I began to also create encaustic art – that versatile, anything-goes, hot-wax art of the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians.  I have temporarily set this art aside as I devote my time to once again bringing forth Soul Glyphs™; but you can learn about encaustic and see my past art by clicking the links.

Through it all, Nature has always been a vital part of my life – I am so connected to the earth, to nature and its creatures; and I commune with all of it – the rocks, plants, trees, flowers, winged ones, four-leggeds – being outside in sunshine, walking or hiking, is where I feel most at home.