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The Soul Glyphs™ on this page of Art Samples are shown, usually, on each of their 4 sides so that you can view the different images/symbols and ponder their meaning.  You may see something different than I see, or interpret an image(s) differently.  Although it is only important for it to have meaning to you personally, please ponder and consider what I have to say about the images.

The drawings in each section are arranged in the order in which a Soul Glyphs is typically viewed when working with the person who commissioned the art; keep in mind, however, that if you are left-handed, the order may be reversed for you in your own personal drawing when you are the subject of the art.


In August 2019, I will start posting with the most recent work shown first.


9-23-19 – “Duality”

I had a bit of a negative concept of “duality” until I did this drawing and realized that duality is basically 2 sides, 2 aspects, of something.  For example, up/down, high/low, thick/thin, male/female, woman/man, curved/straight, left-hand spiral/right-hand spiral, circle/square, black/white, dark/light, half/whole, etc.

Having said that, there are, however, several interesting images to note – two on the far right and one on the far left that are connected – it appears as if someone on the right (in what appears to be a space suit) is trying to either 1) bring balance between the right and left, or 2) manipulate what is on the left, but a fierce “animal” with a huge mouth is at the same time trying to prevent that.  What do you see?



9-6-19 – This is a drawing created specifically for healing and is to be differentiated from a drawing that is a “personal transformation tool,” even though that type of drawing also contains healing energy.

In the case of a “healing” drawing, it is created specifically for the purpose of healing some known issue or event (often related to a relationship), and the images themselves do not necessarily need to be decoded.  This type of drawing depends more on emotion/feeling and allowing the energy of the art to assist the brain in “recalibrating” itself to a healthier state.

Remember that relationships include many things: romantic/love relationships, as well as with family members, co-workers, friends, pets, etc.

Like all the drawings, each side is viewed; but in this case, the client determines which side will be most beneficial by depending on the “feeling” from each side.  Absent any feeling about the best side, side 4 will typically be the best.

Although it is not necessary to decode the images/symbols in this type of Soul Glyphs™, there may nevertheless be an image(s) that provides information pertinent to your healing process, positive or negative.  Even if that image is not on the “best side” for your healing, you may want to refer back to it periodically.

Side 4 and Side 3 are shown below: side 4 is the best side for healing; a dark image (seen and felt) on side 3 is directly related to, and gives impetus for, the healing.

If you would like to discuss how a “healing” drawing can benefit you, please contact me at or 605-214-7390.


9-4-19 – In viewing the art below and my comments, keep in mind that there is an important component missing – Soul Glyphs™ art derives its value from information the person who commissioned the art communicates regarding the images I see and the images they see in terms of what those images mean to them.  When art has been created on a broad subject and without a “client,” that crucial information from the client is missing, making it more difficult to reach a conclusion as to the full message the art is conveying.

The drawings below came as a result of: “Tell me about being an activist through Soul Glyphs™ art.”  The bits and pieces of what I see are as follows:

I see the first drawing as a timeline and the second drawing is a clarification drawing, asking for more detail about the beginning of the timeline (far left side) – what took place and who was involved?

I will address the interpretation I have given the first drawing from images I have seen and anything I heard (I am often given verbal information either during the drawing process or as I review it).

I will leave it to you to determine not only the merits of my interpretation of the first (“timeline”) drawing, but also your interpretation of the “what” and “who” of the clarification drawing.

I am well aware that the drawing above, which I call “Activist 1,” could be exceedingly difficult to decode.  I have the advantage of being the artist, and because all of my Soul Glyphs art is channeled art, I often “hear” things that give me clues, either while drawing or while examining the images, that assist in the decoding.

The beginning line image was drawn from left to right, but the details were completed right to left.  Because I believe this a timeline, it makes sense to me that it was important to go backward from the present time – right to left, in an “unveiling” manner.

Red, white and blue represent not only the USA but also the political parties and liberal/conservative.  The right-most images represent not only current but past treatment of women, Native Americans and immigrant children, as well as all children.  You may at first think that the “children” image is a feather but look more closely and you will see small dots for heads and hands.

Toucan with fox image underneath – represents something to be seen, but without any color for the toucan, and the symbolism of invisibility for the fox, this was a personal message for me as artist.

“Pillar,” Man-woman image with his/her back to what is to the left of the image, which is the fracturing/eroding of the rights of the Declaration of Independence – how can I possibly know that latter part?  It is one of the things I “heard” with the words “these truths we hold to be self-evident.”  Turning our backs on other races/cultures.  Underneath this person is a beehive, which could represent: human society, a way of life, work to support family and others, Freemasonry, and the state of Utah.

Initially, as I looked at the next image to the left, an underneath image, I felt a bit confused as to whether it went with the space above or the next image to the left above the line.  The confusion was important – it represents a smokescreen, some chaos or activity(ies) that is purposeful and has distracted people to such a degree that they did not, and do not, notice what has been/is actually taking place, which is the ongoing eroding of the rights of the Declaration of Independence.

That next image has come to mean to me a timeline “marker,” and the male profile toward the bottom left in that image is, I believe, JFK and his death, which marked a shift leading to a blatant erosion/fracturing of the Declaration of Independence rights, but hidden as mentioned above.

Finally, the image on the far left side is a definite split (the heavy black line), and it appears to be between the two major parties.  (What has come to me recently is whether that split was/is “real” or is it part of the smokescreen also?)

I wanted to know what had caused that split, so I created a second drawing (below) asking specifically for  clarification – what happened and who was involved?  I received only one piece of “verbal” information and it was related to the brown-colored image on the lower right of side 1: “call a shade a shade.”  It may be important to note that I received that information when I was viewing side 4, meaning when it was pointing directly to what looks like a young woman’s profile.

~~ Your turn to interpret! ~~


8-22-19 – This drawing is a result of a question I asked the source of my art this morning, “What do you want me to do today?”  I am showing only sides 1 and 4 because they represent the “beginning” and “end” of the answer to my question.

I believe the drawing affirms that Divine Love is the way – strong, powerful but in a gentle, solid way; that we each must clean ourselves up from our past or we will cease to exist as a species.  We cannot depend on laws or others to keep us safe, nor to protect our children.  When we know we are Divine Love, we do not make choices that endanger us.

This is what I see on side 1: 1) in the white area at the top (piercing into the lower part of the drawing), an 8-fingered, 1-thumb fist, a raw masculine power symbol (pertinent to the Amazon fires and the clandestine change a few weeks ago in the definition of domestic abuse), 2) 1/2 a woman in the center of the fist (also pertinent to domestic abuse definition change), 3) tipis around the top (the first thing that comes to mind is Wounded Knee and the women and children who were massacred there), 4) on the left what looks to be a metal gear or cog – cold and harsh – outer control; HOWEVER 5) there is a huge spiral, strong and stable – and that spiral is clearly visible when viewed from one side to another, making it the most important, and positive, image in the drawing.  It is the key.


Side 4, below: 1) the spiral (think “spiritual”) is now overlapping a profile of a face in the white space, softer, more feminine although could be either masculine or feminine, 2) the placement of the spiral is the frontal lobe – area of speaking, writing, problem solving, self-awareness, etc., 3) the gear/cog is at the bottom, offering stability and determination and the potential to rock backward and thereby jettison the piece wedged into it, while at the same time propelling itself forward, and 4) a curved piece attached to the gear is located near the throat for “giving voice to.”


If you have stayed with me to this point, I see this drawing as a call for each and every one of us to Believe, Know and Feel the Divine Love that we are.  There is tremendous personal power in that – gentle, quiet, strong.  Everything is energy and even those who don’t believe in energy, or who know nothing about it, tend, nevertheless, to respond to you based on whether you are feeling fearful or empowered.


8-11-19 – Some days I feel stuck and just plain funky!  Today was one of those days.  So I asked for a drawing that would most benefit me today, I felt I needed some “outside” help for my “inside”!

Here is what I received.  I find it one of the most powerful drawings I have ever channeled for myself – there have been many for clients, but for me, this one clearly stands out.  I have even done some research on some of what I saw and share a few of my observations below.

What often happens with this art is that in the beginning of an examination of, and conversation about, the images and symbols, starting with side 1, there will be little recognition of any meaningful message; but what is actually happening is sides 1 and 2 are “prep” for being able to recognize by side 3, often the most important side, what the message is that is being conveyed.  This was absolutely true for me in this drawing.

So I will discuss mainly side 3 – there was even an arrow pointing to the main message — a face on the outer edges of the circle, and a dog, and a horse in the protrusions; I paid attention to how the head (the circle) was sectioned into 6 main parts, just like our brains, and then correlated that information with the images of the appropriate sections.

I further made note of the “open” sections of the head/brain where there is nothing attached (no protrusions) and realized those are areas of reception and correlation of sensory information and motor movement regulation.  Perfect, if you ask me, for channeled information to come through.

Once I uncovered the images and symbols on side 3, I was able to look back and see what had been there in sides 1 and 2, I just didn’t recognize it yet.

There is much more, but basically I received the message that animals are important subjects for Soul Glyphs™ art – particularly dogs and horses, yes, horses!  And, I believe it is absolute affirmation that I am on the right track.  I feel energized, excited and expanded.  Just what I needed today!


Below is a special image called “12 Paths Home,” which was completed a number of years ago as part of a small book I wrote but never published by the same name.  I have include views from all 4 sides so that you can try your hand at decoding the symbols in the art, based on what the art represents overall.

Here are the “12,” which are energy centers and their placement in the body, as delineated by the late Charles Fillmore, from his book titled “The 12 Powers of Man.” –Understand that the use of the word “man” included all humankind, male or female; the book was first published in the mid-1950’s.

1) faith, pineal gland; 2) will and 3) understanding, twin powers in front brain near eyes, ; 4) imagination, near pituitary; 5) zeal, medulla oblongata; 6) power, throat near thyroid; 7) love, heart; 8) wisdom, center of solar plexus; 9) strength, near adrenal glands; 10) divine order, nerves behind navel; 11) elimination, abdomen; 12) life, base of spine.


In the art below, I was asking about the USA and what was happening – 2012 – the result -> “Looks Really Crazy Out There” – and here we all are 7 years later!


The images below are the 4 sides of a Soul Glyphs™ completed on July 22, 2019 of a Florida Ficus Benjamina that survived the Irma Hurricane in 2017, albeit uprooted and now existing at a slant, but putting out new growth and thriving (below photos), with lizards finding their way into its branches and leaves.  I wondered what story it might have to tell … and I got more than I ever imagined!  What stories do you see here, perhaps including its origin.

If you know about the trapezoid shape?  You will see one here – some interesting history to suggest ancient lineage of this tree, not to mention some prehistoric images!


Below is a cutting from the above Ficus – and a Soul Glyphs™ drawing of this “new” tree.  It has been growing with abandon, perhaps so excited to be alive and in a safe place.  A beautiful, engaging image, perhaps reflecting the kind, tender-heartedness of its owner/caretaker!


Several years ago a good friend, while traveling in Europe, posted a photo of herself and a cow she encountered while hiking, and I have so loved and treasured that photo always – now comes cow #2 from the same friend but on a different trip.

This time I decided to create a Soul Glyphs™ of the cow just to see what would appear.  Here it is on each of its 4 sides.  I have given some of the symbols I saw, not knowing what is true or the whole story of this particular cow, its owners, or even anything about the land other than what is in the photo. 

See what you see here, feeling into the drawing and using your intuition.  Wait to read my notes below until you have determined your own ideas about this cow and its owner(s) from the drawing.

Images I saw: Side 1: 1) “V” – could represent name of town/village/area, owners; 2) a nun – perhaps owner or church or convent or someone in the family is a nun, etc., 3) court jester, 4) I think it snows there from the 3 white circles on the left, 5) an outdoor lantern, probably for checking on the cows, 6) large face of a man, which means he is important and probably takes care of the cows (this is only one of many), and 7) I had an overall feeling of Chinese influence.

Side 2:  1) hilly, snows in high areas, lantern still visible, so probably something very familiar to the cow

Side 3:  1) spaceship – is this an area where there have been sightings?  2) some kind of technological communication structure, 3) young child’s face

Side 4:  1) lantern still visible on this side (whatever appears easily visible on more than one side is always very important), 2) throughout viewing and turning this drawing, the “V” often reminded me of North – what is important about that direction?