Art Samples

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Below is a special image called “12 Paths Home,” which was completed a number of years ago as part of a small book I wrote but never published by the same name.  I have include views from all 4 sides so that you can try your hand at decoding the symbols in the art, based on what the art represents overall.

Here are the “12” which are energy centers in the body, as described by the late Charles Fillmore, from his book titled “The 12 Powers of Man.” –Understand that the use of the word “man” included all humankind, male or female; the book was first published in the mid-1950’s.

1) faith, pineal gland; 2) will and 3) understanding, twin powers in front brain near eyes, ; 4) imagination, near pituitary; 5) zeal, medulla oblongata; 6) power, throat near thyroid; 7) love, heart; 8) wisdom, center of solar plexus; 9) strength, near adrenal glands; 10) divine order, nerves behind navel; 11) elimination, abdomen; 12) life, base of spine.


In the art below, I was asking about the USA and what was happening – 2012 – the result -> “Looks Really Crazy Out There”