Artist Statement

I am both a maverick “I’ll- try-almost-anything-once” self-taught artist/poet and vibrant, ubiquitous creative, as well as a logical/linear “let’s-make-a-chart” thinker/ analyzer!

All of my art is called Soul Glyphs™ because it brings forth messages from the Soul – individual or collective.  It “began” one day over 30 years ago and is one-of-a-kind — beautiful as a work of art filled with fascinating images and unlimited in its practical uses and applications as a personal transformation and healing tool, an assist in decision-making and brainstorming, and a myriad of other possibilities.

It is “channeled” as black & white, pen & ink images and symbols (with just a touch of color), which means that although my hand creates the art, every movement is guided by 1) something I see in my mind’s eye, 2) something I hear in my mind, or 3) a feeling I experience in my body. The uniqueness of this art comes not only from the message contained within each drawing, but also the way in which that message is revealed by viewing the images on each of the 4 sides of the art.