Current Encaustic

New encaustic work is temporarily on hold while I once again make available my Soul Glyphs™ channeled art, which I have been privileged to create for over 30 years.

Encaustic Art

Encaustic is an ancient art form that dates back to the early Greeks and the Fayum mummy portraits.  It is, in simple terms, layers of hot pigmented beeswax combined with damar resin (a hardener for the wax), typically in an 8:1 ratio, wax to damar resin, with each layer fused to the prior layer with heat and then allowed to cool before another layer is applied.

It is perhaps the most versatile of all art mediums, has a translucency not found in other mediums and is deliciously fun and rewarding.

Know that when you purchase any encaustic you are purchasing a labor of love, as well as the creativity involved.

Encaustic is “time-intensive” as it requires careful fusing of each layer of wax to the prior layer, applying heat just long enough in any one area until it gets a little shiny – but not too much or that layer will mix with the prior one.  And then there is the waiting for the layer to cool so another layer can be applied because if it is too warm, the next layer will mix with the prior layer.

And, there is scraping – to smooth and uncover areas in underneath layers, typically not knowing what will show up.  Even though my work is typically very textured, there is still scraping that takes place, often several times on different layers.  There can be as many or as few layers as the artist, that would be me, decides.

Most of my work is abstract because the finished work is always a surprise and never anything I envisioned when I first started the work.

Unless otherwise noted, all past art is for sale!