On this page you will find some of my favorite poetry written mainly in 2011 and 2012 when I lived in Sedona, Arizona.  An incredibly creative time for me, even as I struggled to comprehend some family trauma. 

The poetry seemed to flow out of me effortlessly.  It speaks to why we are here on this earth, you and I, and now in 2019, like never before, is the time to come fully into being who we are and why we are here.  We came here as Divine Love and it is time to BE it, fully, completely.

I believe Divine Love to be the most powerful force in the Universe, bar none.  Let us tap into its power and BE the change for which we have waited all of these years.

The Raven

As I walked along on this sunny day
a raven flew low across my path on its way
to a small hill just the other side of me
where it sat with no desire to flee.
I love all animals and winged ones, too,
so I began talking to this one like I usually do
and I said, Hi, how are you doing?, but before the words were out
the raven began a dance so joyous I wanted to shout.
It spread its wings just enough to get off the ground
and 2’ in the air it did bound.
Then down it came only to rise once again like before
repeating this gesture 3 times and no more.
As I stood totally silent amazed by the sight
it looked at me with what I will call delight.
So, I spoke in gratitude for what the raven had done
and it repeated its dance in imitation of the previous one.
And again I spoke with respect and praise
for this beautiful gesture that left me in a daze.
And again the dance was performed for me
and each time the raven seemed filled with glee
until I bowed in honor of the great gift I had received
and the raven and I parted ways but not in what we both believed.
Copyright © 2012, Carolyn (Sommers) Heizer

When I’m Not On This Earth

It was a sunny day with a clear blue sky
touching the tops of the red rocks piled high
and a poignant feeling came over me with the thought
that one day I actually would not
be here on this earth to breathe in this scene
nor to cast my eyes over the scented wild flowers so serene.
I would no longer hike trails of red dust and stone
or gaze in the distance at the mountains standing alone
or travel the hills and valleys between
or have my heart quicken at an incredibly beautiful nature scene.
I would no longer have conversations with animals, plants or trees
or listen to the song of a passing breeze.
And that feel of the warm sun on my skin —
would I ever feel it again?
Who would give me the messages that now come on the wind blowing
or are written in the sky and are all knowing?
Oh, I know you are saying that it will be even better than this
but it will be the earth itself that I’ll truly miss
for when I am outside with my feet on the land and the wind and sun on my face
it is difficult to imagine being any other place.
I feel so free and so connected to all
and life feels simple with no worries to give a pall
to the wonders that exist just so we can sit and be
and not be washed away by chaos and melee.
I think we were given such a beautiful earth on which to be
because it was hoped that in its beauty our own we would see.
The southwest with its big open sky
makes me feel like I can fly,
literally and metaphorically as it opens to me
so many possibilities that I never before did see.
And the earth and the red rocks bring a message of hope
to a life previously pretty limited in scope.
It’s freedom that seems to await me at every turn —
the freedom to be all that I ever did yearn.
There was a day when on the earth I did walk
just to experience and to not talk.
I wanted to know how the earth and plants did feel
and gain a greater understanding of what is truly real.
I wanted to connect in a way quite deep
and into my soul let loving energy seep.
I knew as soon as I entered the place
that each tree and rock and plant knew my face
and they welcomed me as an old friend
with no fences that I did need mend.
It was a remarkable experience I had that day
and I knew how cared for I’ve been in an unseen way.
Copyright © 2012, Carolyn (Sommers) Heizer

2012 was a year of profound awarenesses … and poetry about those awarenesses.  Here is a “dream channeling” which I recorded in a slightly awakened sleep one night on 4/7/12.  I’ve never totally understood it – do you?  Thoughts?  Insights?

I Am You

It’s a superhero, but it’s half its size, do you dig?
And it’s not about any man who was wearing a fig.
It’s coming and going in shadows of light
unable to know whether it is day or night.
We’re in this together, do you hear what I say?
Just try to understand with each coming day
there’s more to this than outward play.
When the time is right, it will happen anyway.
So give it a try whatever you do,
there’s bound to be at least one or two
who turn their heads and try to hear what you say
but look at each other puzzled about the interplay.
And maybe you will or maybe you won’t stay,
it matters not in the coming day.
Ups and downs are a part of what I see
but they don’t determine you and they don’t determine me.
It’s just the way it is,
and the sooner you learn that, the sooner you’ll be able to see
that you are not just you, you are also me.
Copyright © 2012, Carolyn (Sommers) Heizer

Faster and Faster

Changes are coming faster and faster all of the time
and it’s quite a challenge to keep pace with the rhyme.
And some things have no explanation it seems
making it appear we are just moving among dreams.
And there is no holding onto things of the past
because the message is that nothing much lasts.
I’m speaking of the material and old habits and old ways
which are all in a jumble as we search for what stays.
Just when we think we have it all figured out
everything changes and what yesterday we did tout
as the truth of what is happening just now
becomes old news being turned over by the plow.
So, one would think that the best thing to do
is to also go faster, too.
But that is not how it works, I’ve found,
and the best course of action is to keep my feet on the ground
and slow my pace to that of a snail
because faster is of no avail.
And all of this goes against years of habit and training
and takes determination to keep ourselves from waning
not from the old world and old ways of seeing
but from a new life and a new way of being.
It’s all experimental as we have never done it before
and have no idea what waits behind the next door
and sometimes we wonder if we have quite lost our mind
because where we are going on no map can we find.
If we are forerunners trying to forge a new path

we must be able to separate out the wheat from the chaff,
but if this truly is what we are here to do
the way will be made easy for me and for you.
Suffering comes only when we are resistant to change
and determined to hold fast to the old and not rearrange.
Copyright © 2012, Carolyn (Sommers) Heizer

One of my favorite poems of all times, written in 2009.  I was traveling West, eventually to arrive in Sedona, and during the night I was awakened by the “distant whistle of a train.”  Suddenly, a poem was in my mind and I jumped out of bed and wrote down what came to me.  I hope you hear the nuance at the end and that is makes you pause and reflect.  Enjoy!


The simple distant whistle of a train
started me to wonder about my brain
and how it has stored in its many folds
all of my experiences and stories yet untold.
It set me to thinking how over the years
my brain has accumulated so many fears,
triggered by sights and sounds so benign,
but within me, created a danger sign.
It set me to wondering if my brain can be changed,
if my experiences can be rearranged
so that they no longer control how I feel
or determine my life as the only thing that is real.
It set me to wondering if I can create
a very different way to relate
to each sight and sound —
much like an observer just looking around.
Can I create new pathways in my mind?
Ones not so charged with emotion but kind,
gentle roads of information not skewed
by experiences of the past so imbued
and tainted with outmoded living,
so ready and waiting just for the giving
of a new way life,
to a way previously so filled with strife?
I think it is possible to do it that way —
to let go of the past and live only in today.
I have the free will to create a new thought
so I can choose what is saved and what is not.
And I think for a moment how that would be
to have each sight and sound be a wonderment to me.
And I hear you chide and to me say,
“But you must know when to keep the wolves at bay!”
But the question is and will always remain,
Are there only wolves because of a thought in my brain?
Copyright © 2012, Carolyn (Sommers) Heizer