Carolyn Sommers / heizer

Having always had a keen, curious mind and a strong intellect, I am naturally drawn to creative problem-solving,  new experiences and entrepreneurship – which led me to make geographic moves that crossed the country: Iowa, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Minnesota, Arizona, Montana, South Dakota, and finally, Southwest Florida – and led me to a variety of business ventures!

As if all of that moving wasn’t enough, in 2006, I took a solo driving trip West from Minnesota – 9,000 miles and 52 days; it was a trip of a lifetime and the memories sustained me through some harsh times.

Other things I have done over the years, and some that I continue to do:

Created channeled art called Soul Glyphs™ since 1986, bringing forth Soul messages for clients’ healing and personal growth – Current

Created abstract encaustic art – Temporarily on hold

Maintained business and personal bookkeeping systems and updated website – Current

Recorded a healing visualization/meditation CD entitled “Healing with Love” and created and facilitated workshops utilizing this meditation

Developed and facilitated workshops on stress release, decision-making, self-care and healing

Developed and facilitated weekend retreat – “Drumming Your Way to Self-Love,” included Soul Glyphs™ art

Provided energy healing for clients and as volunteer utilizing mainly Healing Touch techniques

Wrote 2 small, unpublished books titled 1) “12 Paths Home,” which describes 12 energy centers in the body and their spiritual significance, based on the work of Charles Fillmore, and 2) “Ripples on a Pond,” which includes a meditation using Divine Love

Designed, developed and distributed marketing materials, including color brochures

Wrote and performed poetry relating to life experiences, live and on video; marketed and sold matted excerpts from poetry 

Designed and sold a hand-cast sterling silver jewelry pendant titled “Faith” (a limited casting of 10)

Remodeled homes in which I lived – installed tile floors in entry and kitchen, painted, wallpapered, did minor electrical and plumbing repairs, refinished kitchen cupboards, built 7′ x 9′ bookcase and kitchen island

Owned and operated a wallpapering and painting business called “Hangin’ There” for 7 years

Employed as a legal secretary for 15 years

Awarded scholarship by Minnesota Community College for excellence in math and science when I returned to college to study science in my mid-50s