Soul Glyphs™ for Pets

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What a joy it is to create Soul Glyphs™ art for pets!   I am using the term “pet” loosely to include all animals – like horses, cows, etc.

These drawings are different from the personalized art for “humans” because the latter typically serves as a specific personal transformation tool.

Having said that, however, there are times when a pet drawing can actually be transforming for you!  Read on . . .

With pet drawings, there are usually images of people who are or have been important to the pet, things that they see day to day that have made some impression upon them, like a visiting bird that shows up every day and sits on the lanai cage, or there might be an image representing another animal that is a playmate, and sometimes image(s) indicate that your pet is in your life for a very specific purpose, perhaps to help in your life journey.

There will typically be images, or a feeling or words that I receive while drawing, that indicate the relationship you have with your pet, from your pet’s viewpoint!  In one Soul Glyphs, the owner and animal were depicted as if they were joyous child playmates.  What fun!

There may be images related to owner/family dynamics that the pet has experienced, or is currently experiencing, in its energy field.  An example is in the drawing below.

Sometimes we humans set things aside, ignore something because it is just one more thing with which to deal, or we just don’t know what to do, how to handle some situation, or a myriad of other reasons; but when we see in a “black & white” drawing that something has affected our pets, it may give us impetus to initiate change. 

In rare instances, the drawing may be devoid of a feeling, and this, too, has meaning – if you are shutdown or withdrawn emotionally, it will affect your pet; and this knowledge could lead to your own transformation.

In the example below, there was some disruption showing on sides 2 and 3, but by side 4, this happy dog is back to its happy nature.  Can you see it and feel it?

Note: One of the “pet specific” images I love in this drawing is the round circle with what look like eyes and also bird wings across the eyes (on the bottom just right of center in 1st drawing on the left above).  I learned that this dog has 2 dog friends with whom she plays who are bird dogs!

For more information, or to schedule a drawing of your pet, please contact Carolyn Sommers at either or 605-214-7390.