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The pen & ink art that has been sometimes more, sometimes less, but always a part of my life for over 30 years is called Soul Glyphs™.  Below, you will find: 1) History of Soul Glyphs, 2) The Process, 3) What You Receive, 4) A Few Extras, and 5) Testimonials.

The art “just started” one day in 1986.  I set it aside for a variety of reasons in 2013; but it is a cherished gift that never leaves me and in May 2019, I am once again bringing forth this unique healing art, which I describe as messages from your soul expressed through art.

For more information or to schedule your own personal drawing (located in Fort Myers, Florida), send an email to:  A special Introductory Offer is available through May 31, 2019.  Click the link for more information.

History of Soul Glyphs™

I had never been an artist so in 1986, when I felt an overwhelming sadness rise up within me at the sight of a closed sketch pad on a coffee table in a beauty salon, it puzzled me.  However, being one to see such phenomenon as having meaning, when I returned home, I took a felt tipped pen and a sheet of typing paper (my “art” supplies at the time) and began to draw the only thing I knew how to draw – a simple line image that came to me.

I was so engrossed in what I was doing, paying attention to each little detail and drawing whatever I felt like drawing (I would later learn that this was part of the art – following the guidance I was receiving in the form of a feeling of what to draw next) that I wasn’t noticing the bigger picture of what was being created – until I felt finished and held up the drawing to at last see what I had created.

I was stunned – for there were all of my initials, first name, middle name, birth name, married name; and a ballet shoe, not that I had ever taken ballet but as a symbol of my love of dance; and a treble clef symbolizing my love of music and singing.

1st Soul Glyphs™

It so piqued my curiosity that I asked a few friends if I could draw for them.  And, I found that all I had to do was bring the person to mind and a simple line image would form in my mind’s eye; I drew that image on paper, and then I began to do what seemed to be randomly add designs; but actually, I was sensing within myself, being guided in some way, each design I was making and where to make it.

I found that the drawing always contained information about the person (in symbol form); a few of the symbols seemed to be in the drawing as confirmation that the drawing was indeed about that individual, while the other symbols were all part of the main message the drawing was conveying.  I came to learn very quickly that the main message contained the most important thing for that person to know at this moment in her/his life.

In addition, I found that I could draw for anyone, anywhere in the world, as long as I had a few pieces of information to separate them from another person who might have the same name, etc.; and, it is not necessary for me to already know the person, or to have ever met them.  I am able to create the art with or without the client present.

PRIVACY DISCLOSURE: It is important for you to know that I am never able to access anything that you do not want known.  I will simply be unable to draw.  Also, although I may relate something from a past drawing as an example of how the art works, no personal client information is ever divulged.

The Process

My job has always been to 1) create the drawing, 2) read the symbols on each of the 4 sides of the drawing, 3) discuss each symbol with the client, and 4) interpret and discuss the main message the drawing is conveying.

As I tell the client each symbol I see, she/he speaks about the meaning each symbol has, or had, in her/his life.  In this way, we have a dialog and communicate back and forth; this allows the client to fully participate in the reading.   All the while the client and I are conversing about the symbols, I am listening carefully for some common thread that will tie everything together in one main message.

I love the way this works – with me being able to see the symbols and then the client participating by conversing about what that symbol means in the context of her/his life.  It is much more meaningful with the two of us working together.

What You Receive

In addition to what is described above in terms of how the drawing is created and the discussion that takes place (which includes an important message for you for this time in your life relating to your wellbeing), the following relates to the finished art product, which is yours to keep:

1) an original, signed and matted, pen & ink Soul Glyphs drawing on archive Bristol paper; and
2) instructions on various ways to utilize the drawing for healing purposes.

Personalized Drawings may be purchased by contacting me at: or 605-214-7390. 

In-person sessions take place in Fort Myers, Florida.  If you are outside the area, call me to discuss.


A Few Extras

And sometimes I draw with no one, or no particular thing, in mind:

And then there is nature and a love that goes so deep it is beyond words:



I was amazed at the accuracy of the drawing and the reading.  I keep this drawing in full view as a reminder to me to do the best I can each and every moment of each and every day to honor my soul during this time of transition.  —Carol

The issue I had been working on … [and] the nagging fear which had been plaguing me ceased and my anxiety seems to be less or maybe I’m more conscious of it and thus it doesn’t rule me. –Lynn

I have worked with the drawing and it indeed has revealed its secrets to me… I have felt a need to get at this “thing” inside of me that often shows up in energy work … Now, through working with the drawing, I believe I’m ready.  —Juliana

Your work has been a blessing to me in helping me understand what is going on in my life and then I am able to work through my issues … I love your work … I know that the drawings that you have done for me have opened doors that I did not know existed.  They have allowed my energy to shift to open myself to what the Universe has to offer me in new and better ways. —Carol

Thank you for the drawing.  I believe after working all morning with it that I have gotten where I was supposed to expand my vision to.  You were on with the feeling about nurturing. —Pamela